Hurdler 앱 리뷰

Happy Hurdling

Nice to see the this back in the appstore


It's back! I couldn't find it on the App Store for a while but here it is! Bought this back on 1st gen iPhone and I've installed on every model since! A great game, it's a shame it doesn't have more downloads.

Was great back then. Still great.

Loved this on PC, now it has triple the levels. Buy this game

What an awesome game!

I had the original PC version a couple years ago, and I cannot believe it is now in the app store! Just as great as ever!

Hear the Hallelujah Chorus

Great, Simply a Creative Type of Entertainment.

Great game!

Super for passing time while waiting for a meeting to begin.

best iPhone game ever!!!!!!!!!!

more level pls....30 levels just seem not so enough.when will we have Hurdler 2 ?love it!!!!!!!!!


Awesome game. Good job cuz

Awesome Game, Read My Review for Lite Version

Great game, quite challenging as you try to make it to the end. Only suggestion is if you could pick up from the last level you beat so that you don't have to play thru them all again. Maybe include a mode for top scores for each level in addition to the overall high score now implemented.

Great Fun Game

I saw this game and it looked interesting... both my 7 year old son and I are now fighting over my iphone... he wants to play. the full version is challenging!

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